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Here are some of the items in the DappChap product line that we would love to get feedback on:

all natural lip balm

This is DappChap’s lead-off product. John, DappChap’s founder, has always had sensitive lips and this problem was always made worse during Canada’s brutal winters or in the middle of the Great White North’s intense summer heat waves.

Like so many other men, John had mistakenly put his trust in mainstream drugstore brands, which in the end resulted in him causing more damage to his lips, with the only solution being to continuously add more and more lip balm to stay “normal”.

Fed up with buttering up his lips every 5 minutes and knowing there had to be a better way, John experimented with several natural ingredients until finally touching down on the formula that would go on to establish DappChap’s lip balm line.

Today, DappChap can proudly boast of having a line of lip balms that are 100% natural, organic and…unlike the drugstore brands… last you a lot longer as you don’t need to constantly apply them to keep your lips hydrated.

body scrub citrus


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